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SEO, better knowns as Search Engine Optimization, is a method of using tactics and techniques to make your website rank higher in the search engines.

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There Are 2 Types Of
Search Engine Optimization

Organic & Local

What are the differences?

In Organic SEO & Local SEO, both start with a search. However, local SEO searches have a geographical component.

When a user searches for a salon + location, Google knows that this search has a local intent. These are the local listings that appear underneath the Google Maps on the 1st page.

Below the maps, are the organic listings, which do not have local intent, however there may still appear local listings.

Ranking both locally and organically would be ideal, but for salon owners we recommend focusing on solely local SEO. This is because your potential customers are looking for someone near where they live.

Local SEO Includes

Local Landing Pages

On Page Optimization

Google & Bing Business Listings

Local Directory Listings

Link Building

Content Marketing